About this Blog

About the Author:

I am a twenty-something living and working in Kansas City, MO who's - old story - searching to discover what I'm meant to do. Along the way, I'm dabbling in marketing, writing, styling, teaching, baking, and, yes, nannying, and documenting all the way. Hence, the blog. You can also follow me on Twitter at @missrachel_lora, where I tweet about all of these things and more: blogs and articles I'm reading, the funny things M & N say and do, literary and social media things that interest me, and of course, fashion, fashion, fashion.

About M & N:

You might see M & N mentioned throughout the blog, well, frequently. They're the kids I nanny for and are respectively, male, 1 year old, and female, 2 years old. They provide a constant source of entertainment, learning and teaching opportunities, frustration, and inspiration. So of course I have to write them.

About this Blog:

2011 is the year I turn 25. At 25, I hear, my path will become clearer and I will truly begin my journey to the person I want to be, the career I want to be in , the relationships I want to maintain, and so on. In figuring out what it is I want to do, or, really, how to do all it is I want to do and in what order, I've decided that part of my two year plan is to teach English in Paris. In order to make it there, I need to do a few things: brush up on my French, discover what I plan to do after I move on from Paris (or, if?), and save, save save. This blog was started to document a) my efforts to give up shopping (largely, anyways) in order to save for (shopping in) Paris and b) all of the things a 25 year-old does on these sorts of journeys.