Friday, October 8, 2010

A 25th Birthday Post - Celebrating Better Decisions!

No, not mine, not yet! This week wraps up (with a brief break until the next) what has been two weeks of lots of 25th celebrations, for lots of lovely, lovely girl friends, with each celebration perfection, in a champagne glass.

I've heard say that once you reach 25, you make better decisions; moments, become clearer; thoughts, more lucid. So there I was last night, dolled up amongst dolls, toasting to the next 75 years, avec un French 75, n'est pas - and lost in thought. One of those Lauren Bacall moments; eyes big, slow, batting cow lashes, you stare off, while champagne fizzes next to girlish giggles, and in a pop of mod colors, hazy revelry, scrumptious food, everything slows to a cinematic stop for the observer. As perfect as Marie Antoiniette.

Perhaps it's my own nearing of 25, perhaps, the moody, dishy bar, perhaps the thrice-mentioned champagne, but sitting squarely in the middle of all the fun I was enjoying, as I danced in my high-waisted sailor pants, was seriousness, unapologetic, though also, un-scornful. Twenty-five? It's a quarter-century.

Last week, a friend from college celebrated this milestone, and in honor of another friend's birthday that week, sent us an e-mail containing an article, from an elder to youth, advising on our age. She said, take this in bits and pieces, as you choose, or as a whole, but there's plenty of food for thought in here for us all, and I say the same:

To all my dear friends who are 25ish...enjoy.

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