Monday, October 12, 2009

But will it catch on? Not for me. I neither die nor go bananas for the new phrase.

OOC, for all you not-so-into-Zoe, is Out of Control.

As in, Brad, that vintage Dior trench is OOC. Out of Control on you. You have to get it. It's bananas.

Which he did, after the Zoe offered him a raise so he could afford it, because, really, how many vintage Dior trench coats do you find in Paris? That fit you like a glove?

Bless her heart, I wish I had a boss like that.

Other Paris highlights included a personal tour of Mme Chanel's personal apartments.

Some not so Parisian highlights included a typically miffed Taylor seeking advice from her identically black Rayban and leather jacket bearing mother. I die.

Aaaand the season finale wraps it up tonight, with the return to sunny LA, some words from Taylor to Zoe, more fashion fab, and probably some more OOC exclamations.

As Rodger put it, "What, are we text speaking? Omg, OOC?"

Come on, Miss Rachel. You already have Hollywood and the fashion world at your fingertips. The other Zoeisms were cute and all, but you don't need a new one every season. That's just too much to expect from one little Zoe! (especially, as hinted in the finale teaser, if your doctor is urging you to take down the stress level in your life, and hopefully, put on a few pounds.)

But, you know, we love you anyway.

Watch the season finale of the Rachel Zoe Project tonight, on Bravo, at 10 / 9 pm.

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