Sunday, October 25, 2009

A little weekend update

Good morning and happy Sunday! We're now one week away from Halloween - can ya dig it?

This past weekend marked my first weekend out since having the stomach flu somethin' awful, and here (briefly) is what I noticed:

1. While at a wedding in Chanute, Kansas, I had a Christian Louboutin spotting. Well, I never! Oooh la la - so exciting!

2. Wwoofing - what my sister is taking her gap year and doing in New Zealand and Europe - is officially chic. Spotted in the pages of Vogue, models posed in over-the-knee Wellies and looked their fiercest while working the organic farms. Somehow I don't see little sis farming in Jimmy Choo's though. . .

3. Thanks to the 80's comeback, my mom's "vintage" closet is officially a la mode again. Yay mommy! Sheer tights also make a comeback and I'm loving the look of swiss dot and lined hosiery. So ladylike!

4. Another note to mommy: trench coats will never, ever go out of style. I say this, after she barraged me with texts the night before the wedding, questioning her ensemble, asking to borrow my own raincoat, in case of showers. I said, mother, mine's a trench too, natch.

5. I'm buying my first pair of legwarmers since ballet in the early 90's today, and after I wear them with my awesomely 80's My Little Pony costume, I'm going to spend the winter with them peeking out of my boots. I love the look! And it works perfectly with fall's uber-layered look.

There you have it! Nothing much, but brevity, my dears, is the soul of wit.