Thursday, September 17, 2009

A few weeks ago, I touched on the big nail trends for fall (Pretty and Polished), and included in this my favorite, foiled nails. Specifically, the Minx nails which are so hot with celebreties like Beyonce and Mrs. Posh Beckham. Unfortunately, for me anyhow, there still aren't any salons in the KC area offering this service (yet there are in Wichita . . . f you wanna make that drive). So I sent everyone to the pages of the September issue of InStyle for some killer DIY tips, myself not being much of a mani pro, or even afficiendo.

They advise you to order nail foils from a nail supply store or website and then press them on yourself using nail glue. The technique they showed was pretty fiercel they told you how to start with a gunmetal base, apply the nail glue, and the layer silver and gold foil on top - the result being that your nails look as though someone's done a rubbing on them.

Well, every once in awhile I can actually be pretty clever, and I've figure out an even easier - and cheaper, frugalistas - way to get the look.

Start the same way, with two coats of a dark base - I chose a deep chocolatey red -and let dry completely. This is important! I have a hard time being patient enough, but do it while you're watching tonight's Office and 30 Rock premieres and you'll be distracted enough to let everything dry thoroughly. And then some!

Anyways, you then pull out one of Sally Hansen"s Quick Color Nail Pens in a light, shiny shade - mine was Shimmering Sands w and lightly swipe some stripy, spacy strokes over your dark nails. The goal is to achieve the same patchy, accidently-on-purpose artful look, so don't cover your entire nail, and use a nearly dry nail brush for a better effect.

Et, voila! Foiled nails. You could probably even use two shades, as InStyle did. The only downside is that there aren't currently any gold or silver shade options in Sally Hansen's nail pens (though possibly in other lines!), but rather like the different color I chose. And for those who are a little shy of this trend, or dark polishes in general, audition this look on your toes and then pair it with a classic ballet pink on your fingers. Very office appropriate, and you can even matte them to stay uber-trendy.

This may seem like a no-brainer, and it's certainly not exactly the same as foils, but, it mimics the look pretty well and is simpler to boot. Happy painting!

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