Friday, September 4, 2009

So I'm kinda crazy about my conditioner right now

Oh, my hair. I definitely have a love / hate relationship with it. But, most of the time, I love it and feel blessed to have lots of it, and that I've finally learned how to tame it. And I especially love it when it's well take care of.

That may seem like a big ol' "duh!" but you'd be amazed at how many hair products just do not do what they say they will! My biggest problem? My dry, wavy hair needs to be hyper-moisturized BUT without being weighed down.

Which is why I'm loving my current conditioner (and okay, the shampoo probably helps too). I've been using Amenta, an "aromatherapy hair care" line that's all natural (well, there's that whole controversy over products which claim to be all natural, vs organic, vs certified organic, etc., etc. Amenta has chemicals but really, I'm not that big of a stickler).

Now when I saw aromatherapy hair care, I thought, code for smells really good but doesn't really get the job done. But, lucky for them, two giant bottles were on sale and I'm currently a frugalista, and one who doesn't mind trying new products (I kinda love it). I tried their daily repairing shampoo, and the chamomile maximum volume conditioner.

Now the last thing I need is more volume. Truly. My hair's got it going on in that department, no extra help required. But I have found that volume conditioners are great about moisturizing without weighing hair down. Exactly what I needed.

And oh, does it work. I can go two, even three days without my hair feeling greasy, or dried out. And they weren't kidding about the aromatherapy either. There's the advertised chamomile, of course, but also wheat germ, thyme, lavender, and orange flower included. The end result is that my hair smells kind of nutty wheaty but sweet - a lot like almonds. Which is perfectly light and I can't stop touching or smelling my hair sometimes!

Which can also be attributed to one of those Keratese Keratin conditioning treatments I had done at my last hair appointment. I think it's pretty much worn out by now, so it's time for another, but my hair was the healthiest, softest, and shiniest it has been in years after that treatment. Seriously, if you've been debating it, it's worth it.

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