Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall's Upon Us

Fall gets me all sentimental-like, it's true. I don't think it's any coincidence, then, that two of my favorite pies - apple and pumpkin - are fall classics. And there's something about the fall harvest at the farmer's market that is simply, magic. The crisp in the air, the gourds, the flowers, the ambers and ochres of the flowers for sale, and lilting sounds of bluegrass in the air. And of course, fall fashion and cozy sweaters, blue jeans, and worn leather boots. When I was at school in Tennessee, fall was the one season I truly missed. But, we did one year escape the late season heat as we headed east to a friend's estate in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina for a fall break where we turned off the tv, took daily hikes, naps, and reading breaks, picked apples and made pies and lasting memories, and, yes, visited the farmer's market in nearby Asheville.

bluegrass at market

Perhaps so much of it has to do with the cool weather and warmth of the sun that makes activities - and tailgating - that much more pleasant than in the summertime, when it gets so blasted hot you can't do anything but sweat. Fall time is memory making time, with firepits in the evening, leaf piles in the afternoon, pumpkin carving and apple cider and college football. Oh, it all sounds a bit cliche, it's very true, but I'm okay with that.

So at the market this weekend, I was excitable to say the least at the sight of pie pumpkins and apples, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, and more but I'm going to go all out in not getting ahead of myself. There were none of those things bought. Instead, I stocked up on strawberries to make a last-of-the-season strawberry pie this week, and next week's plan is a tomato-leek pie with heirloom tomatoes.

summertime watermelons make a great resting place

You might be able to tell by now just how sentimental I get about fall and I always rush towards it, breaking out boots too early and filling my house with gourds rather than seashells, but instead, this year I'm looking to relish in the end of summer - take in the sounds of the locusts, savor the cooler mornings yet still hot days, and, enjoy the last of the fresh garden tomatoes before I rush on to other things.

So coming soon! I experiment with two strawberry pie fillers, both different than what I normally use.

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