Monday, September 6, 2010

Anthony Bourdain celebrates 100th episode guessed it, Paris!

In just one hour from now, 10/9 central, September 6, the Travel Channel will air the 100th episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. And where does this episode take place? I suppose I spoiled that with the title of this post, but, yes, in Paris. France, and Paris in particular, is kind of the mecca of food for Bourdain, especially seeing as how his family originates from France, and as a young boy he would spend summers there. Then there's his restaurant, the French Les Halles, and the fact that the French are very good at cooking with those bits of animal that most Americans turn their noses up - and that Bourdain relishes. It's a very fitting setting for his 100th episode.

I was in Paris when my favorite meal became just that. Le poulet roti avec les haricots verts, aussi avec les pommes purees. Roast chicken with green beans and mashed potatoes (though really, any kind of potatoes). I have the most divine roast chicken recipe that's made with an herb butter that you actually rub in between the skin and the meat several times, and surround by garlic cloves. Mmmm. And I just saute the haricots verts in some butter and minced garlic and it's perfection (Yes, I love butter).

So yes! I will be watching eagerly, and I'm sure, whilst salivating. While I wait for the episode to air though, here's some videos of Bourdain's take on the City of Lights:

Tony's Best Moments

How Tony Enjoys Paris

Who Says Paris Sucks?

I love his recommendation to while in Paris, just wake up and walk, do ordinary things. Bourdain's gig is kind of my dream gig, only I'd be writing rather than on tv. Writing and traveling and writing about it - what could be better?

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