Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OMFG...GG a Paris

It's that time again, Left and Right Bankers. And yes, soon you too Upper East-siders, but bless their golden hearts, Gossip Girl's ending the summer in Paris. Blair to the Right and the Louvre, Serena to the Left and the Vespa boys. But what's this? As GG herself said, the only beau for Blair is the one in her hair, having ruined her chances with the good Prince Grimaldi.

Never fear, dear, faux-pas-ing Blair, because a girl will always have her first (and some say, only) love, and that's fashion. And with New York Fashion week in full swing, why, it's never been easier to buy some love.

Or, if you're a West Plaza blogger with all her chips in the bank and staying there, it's never been easier to collect inspiration and update last season. Here's a look at what's getting me going this early autumn:

Blair has become Queen B in another capacity as of late, and that's pattern mixing. Serena keeps it in neutrals, another trend I'm loving this fall. Gray, especially, is a pretty and soft, and unexpected, neutral.

Here, she ties it all together with a Royal blue.
But the girls of Gossip Girl aren't the only ones getting my fashionable knickers in a twist for fall. Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors Fall ad campaigns highlight the ladylike, Mad Men moment going on - love, love love - and the 1970's sportswear ease.

Michal Kors really does me right by fall colors.

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