Friday, November 12, 2010

Nanny's Tired

It's Friday. It's raining out. N had an epic meltdown a few hours ago involving broccoli throwing, and I'm conserving all my energy for an event I'm attending (hint: it involves 30 varieties of gourmet chili for me to eat). And since brevity, my dears, is the soul of wit, I'm sharing but two things.

Please find above in all of its glory the song, "I Eat Doughnuts," by artist Sibley, which I tracked down after enjoying so much in Stella McCartney's ad for her Kids line, as posted earlier this week (Pour les Enfants).

Updates to come on what N has to say about the song, and "what it make her booty do."

And lastly, because Fridays are supposed to be en Francais, I thought I would share my favorite French term of endearment:

mon petit chou chou - "my little cabbage"

As in, "Awwww, je t'adore, mon petit chou chou!"

Je l'adore.

Voila! C'est bien. Bonne Vendredi.


  1. I don't like donuts and I do like shoes, and yet somehow, I also like this song.

    Okay, I guess I do like donuts if they're from Voodoo Donuts or Sweetpea Donuts, but those aren't regular donuts, they're like circles of yum. If you're ever in Portland don't get your donuts nowhere else (I'm for real, Voodoo Donuts is nationally known for its awesome donuts and Sweetpea makes VEGAN donuts that somehow still manage to be delicious).

  2. I could not have said that first sentence more perfectly.

    I'm just going to hire you as a tour guide next time I go to Portland. K? Delicious vegan doughnuts intrigue me. Also: the name "Sweetpea Donuts."