Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pour les Enfants: Stella McCartney Kids!

"I eat doughnuts, man, I eat doughnuts."

Ah! File this under if I would, I could: buy M&N some Stella McCartney Kids. Besides watching this adorably fun video, oh, maybe ten times this morning (and there will be more viewings to come. perhaps even a downloading of the song. which we'll add to our afternoon dance sessions), I've scoped out the seriously awesome and adorable kidswear to be found at http://www.stellamccartneykids.com/.

There's also a handy-dandy "Creat a Look" feature on the website, so of course, while M sleeps peacefully, and N learns away at school, I've taken it upon myself to pick out what I would dress them in (totally in my job description. Both of them). Um, yeah. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably be seeing a lot of these tweets (promise: they're adorable!). There's also a "Playground" with downloadables, such as lullabies and videos. Well done, Miss McCartney. And now, here are a few of my picks for M & N:

Pour M (15 months, male):

Don't you try to tell me footies aren't the most adorable things on earth. Stella's versions are organic cotton.

Awww baby sweater

Pour N (will soon be 3, female):

I just love grown-up looking clothes on children. I'd wear this.

Another item I would wear! I really do love grown-up clothes cut for kids. I remember seeing once where now-designers Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson (obsession of my generation) used to have designer clothes cut down to their size. Grown-up clothes are fun too.
I love that the softness of the palette seems to coincide with the softness of the materials used: organic cotton and cotton blends, wool and cashmere... Everything just seems so cute and comfy and cozy.

Should you have both the children and the budget (or, if you, like me, have neither, but are infinitely curious) visit http://www.stellamccartneykids.com/ - shipping is free (on orders over $90 - not hard to do...) through November 15, so I'm advising to just complete your Christmas shopping in one fell swoop.

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