Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Tartans & Tidings"

I love a good plaid. I do.

Especially in the wintertime.

List of (a few of the ) woolen plaid things I own:

- pea coat
- scarves (from Ireland, no less!)
- headbands
- my favorite: a strapless wool tartan dress

Here's me (on the right) - with lovely friend K - last year at the Kansas City Ballet's production of the Nutcracker, wearing my tartan dress (with yellow tights!).

And a close-up of the tartan:

Just after this, I changed into my homemade ugly Christmas sweatshirt with clashing plaid ribbons of a large variety (and an obscene amount of glitter).

Did I mention I love plaid?

Which is why I'm posting this in entry for Sky Blue Events' "Preppy Plaid Photo Contest", in the off-chance that I may be able to attend their "Tartans and Tidings event and see some local friends at the same time!

A few more plaid findings, for your own tartan tidings:

From Land's End Canvas, the Woman's Plaid Wool Overcoat - $180.00

Also from Land's End Canvas, the Tartan Shirtdress - $79.50
(This one's officially Christmas-listed)
And don't miss their Plaid Wool Skirt either - $49.50

Brooks Brothers has some festive tartan offerings:

Such as these Tartan Santa Pants - $198.00

Or this bow-tie - $59.50 - by Social Primer for Brooks Brothers:

Lest we forget (my dog) Peyton Manning, see also this line of tartan collars and leads from The Heelan' Hound.

Well, you get the point. Tartan's always a good thing, but it's an especially good Christmas thing.

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  1. I believe I still have my black watch plaid wool shorts from an era gone by! I think I used to wear a yellow turtleneck with them, too. Ha!