Friday, November 19, 2010

Now Ain't That Some Shhhhh

Glee cast with Gwyneth Paltrow - Umbrella/Singin' In the Rain

I've been kind of wearing myself out the past few weeks, so naptime around here has been quiet time for me as well, but I've also done my fair share of zoning out to Glee. Because the one sure thing that lifts me - besides watching runway - is a good Glee performance. I'm dead serious. The best high is a Glee high.

So I thought I'd end the week on a gleeful note (punny!), and do a post with links to all my favorite Glee videos / the ones I've been watching recently. This is a selfish post, I admit, because now it means they're all conveniently collected in one neat place, but, come'on, fellow Gleeks. You know you wanna see these too.

Also, the video above ties in nicely with a fashion article I read recently (courtesy of my dad). See, here are a few of the number of things I love about that number:

1) the water choreography. genius. so fun to watch.
2) the marvelous mashup! I love Singin' in the Rain and I love this mashup.
3) the clothes. the trenches, the wellies, the umbrellas - I love raingear! and then there's the men. I'm looking at you, Mr. Shuester. men in vests. yes.
4) which brings me to this: - a recent article in the Wall Street Journal about the return of three-piece suits to mens' fashion. I certainly hope this is courtesy of Chuck Bass, but I'll take a little 1920's Gene Kelly nostalgia too. (and if you love Singin' - or really just regardless - you should really watch the full episode, "The Substitute" in which Mr. Shue and Mike Chang perform "Make 'em Laugh," and with that rolled cuff 20's pants leg I love too, I might add.

  • Also in this episode, Gwyneth and the Glee kids do Cee Lo's "Forget You" - and it's pretty awesome. Just sayin'. Now ain't that some shhhh.
  • Now, if you watch the show, you'll know that as the only openly gay kid at McKinley, Kurt has been dealing with bullying, even more so than usually lately. This leads him to seek out all-boys school Dalton, home of The Warblers, a mens' a cappella group. I suspect he feels at home not only because everyone is nattily attired in sportscoats and ties, but also because Dalton has a no-tolerance policy on, well, intolerance. Here, the Warblers perform a rockin' version of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream."
  • And now, from the "Duets" episode, because I love me some soul, and I love me some Santana, and I'm diggin' on the choreography: Santana and Mercedes performing Tina Turner's "River Deep, Mountain High." This is defiitely the number that gets belted he most in my car, shower, anywhere, really.
  • I've left the Britney for last. Because, I love the Britney (both Spears, and the Glee character - easily my favorite for all of her deadpan comments). Because, all my workouts recently are done to the Best of Britney (I wanna wanna get in zone). And because when "Me Against the Music" was an answer in the mashup category at trivia last night, I very nearly wrote, "It's Britney, B****" on our answer board. Here's Glee Brittany and Santana's "Me Against the Music."
    • Side note: If you notice Glee Brittany's phenomenal dance moves (see also: I'm a Slave 4U), well, it's because she's a pro. She's an original "Single Ladies" dancer, and when the show brought her in to teach the cast the moves for their "Single Ladies," well, she was just so awesome, they asked her to stick around.
  • Oh. And lest we forget my favorite non-musical cast member (well, with the exception of some Olivia Newton John, that is), here's how Sue C's It. Halloween, that is. Jane Lynch, thank you. Just, thank you.

Of course, there's no way I could share all of my favorite Glee moments and performances at once (Madonna episode, anyone?!). But, there you have a few, from this season, anyways.

Wow. Did I just reveal myself as a Gleek? Yes. Yes, I did.

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