Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hipster Hounding - Seersucker at American Apparel?

Ah American Apparel. Useful, especially for basics, surprising, in
that despite my more classic taste I can usually find something not
too hipster for me, appalling, in that they're trying to bring back
the fanny pack and the scrunchie (please no, please no, please no).

But seersucker? This preppy southern staple used to be something I
could only find at Brooks Brothers or J.Crew here, or the Gap on
occasion. For the most part, it's a fabric that when mentioned to
friends who remain unexposed to Southern culture, is met with confused
stares and turned up noses.

I happen to love it, like I love Swiss dot, but I never thought I'd
see the day that seersucker shorts would be sold alongside gold lamé
suspender one-piece hot pants.

Of course, they had to put their hipster edge on it and the shorts are
unisex, like many other items in the store, but I don't know, I kinda
dig 'em. And AA is advertising them as inspired by Robert Kennedy, a classics icon, so I'm surprised they're so simplisticly chic. American Apparel does do basics chic time and time again. Yet then, AA somehow's found a way to add the Brooklyn
touch to seersucker bloomers too (I'm still not sure how, but by golly
it, they've done it:

Does this mean the prepster and the hipster can now be friends?
There's so many color choices, how can you go wrong?

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  1. SERIOUSLY! American Apparel, by default I shouldn't be that into you. I'm a total minimalist when it comes to dressing, simple clothes with big jewelry is my thing, BUT every time I step into American Apparel I walk out with like 4 things. Nay to the scrunchies, yay to the seersucker shorts and the mini skirt i just wrote about!