Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where have all the gentleman gone?

Ahhh manners. I'm afraid I have many occasion to wonder where they've run off too (and can be guilty of social faux-pas myself), but one that really irks me is a small problem, with tall annoyances.

I went downtown to the Power and Light District last night for the FREE Blues Traveler concert, which was incredible, thank you for asking. Now, my friend and I probably, definitely underestimated the number of people who were going to show up, but we were still an hour early and finding it difficult to a spot to stand and see.

Or, well, I was, being tiny-sized and all. We finally found a great spot and lived happily ever after, but I noticed an appalling number of men standing tall in prime spots, leaning over the railing (we ventured up above, as the pit in front of the stage was too packed), and completely igoring my 5' 2" self straining to see through holes.

Now is it too much to ask for the tall people to let the shorties stand in front? Obviously, you're going to be able to see over them. I realize they shouldn't have to let everyone who's shorter than them stand in front, but come on. One person or two and you're what, a foot further away? I think that's do-able.

Tell me, am I wrong? Demanding? Spoiled, even, by the good men of the South who open doors and make a girl feel welcome?

Also, I think this could even apply for taller women, and also, shorter men. Everyone's just there to have fun, and if everyone can see, well, doesn't that sound like fun?

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