Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new (and something borrowed, and something blue)

Whew! It's been more than awhile, and if there's anybody out there who remembers and missed me - especially with the venue change - my most sincere apoligies and regrets.  I would beg out with the excuse of a summer hiatus, but, well, that would connote purpose and intention.

No, the sad truth is (or perhaps not so sad - I've certainly been having fun!) is that I've been busy.  Always a good thing, in my opinion, except when you're not as productive (or fiscally responsible) as you might have been without the busy bustle of the summer social season.  Not that I've been all play, and no work, mind you.

Anyhow, it's Back to School Season, leaving me lusting for school supply shopping and the forthcoming crisp fall weather that seems to pair so nicely with new pencils and clean notebooks.  And boots and jeans and scarves (oh my!) - but I musn't leap into fall just quite yet.

I thought I'd re-open this blog with a subject that comes at the tail end of the season, so, a bit of dovetailing, if you will.  That's right, with the close of summer also comes the end of wedding season.  There will always be the autumn and winter brides (and, yes, I've thought this through, and yes, I include myself in this bunch. Waaaaaay into the future), but summer is the offical season, after all.

And last weekend, in the presence of my best friend and her boyfriend, I found myself in the middle of an estrogen-heavy dialogue about my fascination with J.Crew's Wedding Shop.

Now let me make this very clear.  I'm not getting married, not dating anyone (yep, that's right, men - though no boys need apply - this girl's single), and not crazy (I swear!).  I'm just a girl.  A very girly girl, at times.  And I mean, don't try to tell me there aren't a lot of you out there who haven't thought these things through a few times.  Maybe enacted the scene with your Barbie and American Girl dolls once upon a time.

So, I've made the decision that J.Crew (should they continue to produce quality garments as they do now and always have) will be my one-stop wedding shop.  Their dresses are simple and elegant, well-made and designed in what I trust to be quality fabrics, and reasonably priced.  And then, I plan on choosing a color or two for bridesmaids gowns and allowing my maids to pick the dress most well-suited for them.  Everyone looks good and nobody hates me for having to buy some hideous dress they'll never have to wear again, and there's that who reasonably priced thinga again.

This is when my friend's boyfriend started rolling his eyes and asking me, so, when is this imaginary wedding again? by the way.  Which, well, I get. . .

But here's my query: J.Crew stores don't carry wedding dresses.  And what's the point in wedding dress shopping -even if you know exactly what you want - if you can't have the fun of trying them on?  I know dresses are almost always altered, but still . . . where's the fun in that?

Now I do live in Kansas City and our J.Crew stores are probably smaller than, say, the New York or Chicago stores.  So, possibly, there are wedding shops in other cities and I  haven't properly researched this entry.  But, while I take my time in finding out, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on online wedding dress shopping (anyone ever tried eBay, or vintage dress sites?) and on J.Crew's wedding selection.

My dear friend offered to fly up with me for a weekend in New York to try on dresses in this now-assumed existing wedding shop.  Her boyfriend raised his eyes to the heavens and requested a save-the-date.  Girls . . . ya gotta love us!

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