Sunday, August 30, 2009

Makes Perfect Scents

Remember that scene in Legally Blonde, when Elle hands her resumé to her professor? And it's pink.  And scented. "Smells nice," Luke Wilson's character said.  And it certainly made a lasting impression.

So ever since then, from time to time, I've tried spraying perfume on my stationary, but it always seems to leave an unavoidable mark which really takes away from the whole impression.

Michael Kors to the rescue! His new perfume line, Very Hollywood - "Scene-stealing gardenia follows suit with a decadent performance of award-worthy glamour." - features a Limited-Edition Hollywood Signature Pen, with ink scented with Very Hollywood perfume.  Now this, I gotta try.  Pink and gold and pretty too (even kind of reminds you of Miss Woods too!), it'll fill the empty spot in my antique stationary box perfectly.  So gift me something soon, and you'll in turn received a lovely smelling thank-you from me.

I'm also yearning for the Very Hollywood Eau de Parfum Cocktail Ring - ideal since my signature scent always seem to go missing mid-evening.  Oh, clever designers - what won't they think of next?

Pen is $25, Ring, $40.



  1. the ring is gorgeous ! :D

  2. I know, isn't it fab?! Very Hollywood : )