Saturday, August 15, 2009

Potty Party, or, how to make some cash while in your party pants

Happy Weekend!I hope everyone's had a good week; myself, I've been in the never-ending process of moving and trying not to hate all my clothes right now.  Yes, those are related.  All because of a little thing I'm calling a budget.

See, what with all the household expenses and all, my shopping habits are going to have to be pushed into early retirement (but don't worry, it'll be like when teachers retire.  A few months later, they're working for another district).  And when I don't shop for awhile, I get anxious and completely forget about any garment I ever loved.

It doesn't help that I'm practically aching to move into fall clothes and football weather right now.  But anyhow, I'll survive, and I'm sure I'll come up with something I like to wear out tonight (or borrow something!).

Which brings me to a new way I've discovered to save money - or even make a little - while out and about.  Y'all ready for this? Here it is: stand in line for the ladies' room.

Yeah, you heard me right.  Let me explain.  Twice now, I've been patiently doing my time in line, when a Desperate Drunk Girl (hereafter known as a DDG) has approached me and the other line leader and thrown $20 at us - each - in order to cut us.

Now, I've found these DDG's to be very willing to negotiate and throw money down for anything in order to relieve their little beer-soaked bladders. The first time, I was second in line and the DDG in question offered the Line Leader $20, but nothing to me.  Well, LL and I had been chatting and making nice, so she turned to me and said to DDG, "what about her?" Good question.  And DDG paid the both of us and we kindly obliged to let her take her turn first.

And then there was that time on Cinco de Mayo, when, I wasn't paid per say, but, standing in line and the girl in front of me turned and said, "I need a beer, do you need one? I'll buy if you hold my spot in line." A beer for standing in line, doing what I was already doing? Sign me up!

So what do y'all think? Should I not be taking these girls' money? The thing is, if they weren't offering, I'd probably let a DDG cut if she looked like she was going to lose it right then and there. But. . . if they're offering . . . well, I guess that's where my morals are a little slippery.

What say all y'all? And has anyone ever been in this situation? Or on the other side? Do tell! And in any case, there you have it.  Need some cash or a drink tonight? Head to the bathroom. And don't forget to carry change (or maybe do . . .).

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